Hey, I'm Daniel

I work as a system and network engineer in Montreal where I have been living since the end of 2016. In my spare time, I contribute to OpenBSD, I develop in Python, and when it's hotter than 10 Celsius, I ride my single speed.

My cat goes by the name of Jean Canard.

I've been a board member of the QIX, the Internet Exchange Point in Montreal.

Previously, I've been involved in a couple of non-profits such as Franciliens.net, FFDN, and Nos oignons. At the time I was living in France. Before I came to Montreal, I lived for eight years in Normandy (Caen and Rouen) and one year in Brittany (Rennes).

I have the Canadian and French citizenships.

You can read quotes from me in Le Monde and in Amaelle Guiton's book Au coeur de la résistance numérique.

My Corporate Biography is:

Daniel is a Python Developer focusing on DevOps methodologies. Curious by nature, his interests lie in the development of web applications, as well as their deployment, performance optimization, availability and security.

During his studies, Daniel cultivated his passion for Information Technology. He first pursued the world of the command line on Ubuntu, then strove to develop his skills in system administration, followed by network administration. Heavily motivated toward leveraging his skills for community enrichment, Daniel has been involved in various non-profit organizations working to provide better Internet access.

Daniel began his professional life as a system and network administrator in a server management company. Servicing small and medium-sized businesses, the focus of this work was technical administration for businesses lacking in-house resources, such as communications agencies. Managing the large number of servers required to meet customer needs helped him to recognize the utility of automation in deployment and server management.

Having reached an end to the learning opportunities available within the non-profit sector, Daniel turned to open source contribution to further develop his skills. He began to submit patches with improvements to the OpenBSD project. After a year, Daniel was invited to join the small team of OpenBSD developers, and now works with developers worldwide to improve and maintain the project.

Seeking a life change, Daniel took advantage of his dual national status and emigrated to Montreal. He continued to work as a system and network administrator, managing Ansible machines running OpenBSD that manage the network for a small host and network operator. To accomplish various tasks, he developed and deployed Python code at every opportunity.

Eventually, Daniel decided to stop resisting his passion for Python and open source communities. He switched his focus to the world of development, seeking to bridge his primary interests and better understand operations from another perspective.