Dumping pics

A few years ago I bought a camera (a Canon 100D) and since that I take pictures from time to time. I go through all the pics I take and I pick the best then I enhance them a bit with rawtherapee and finally I post them on 500px. This process is a bit relou so I don't often do it. Of course I don't always have my camera with me, but I do have my phone most of the time.

I take a lot of pictures with my phone and I sometimes post them on some social networks. All these social networks I'm on, are based on ephemeral publications so after a short while, the stuff goes out of your mind and you never see it again.

I looked for a self-hostable solution. I found PHP-based software like leetchi and piwigo but I wasn't fond of these. I looked at static generators as I already use one (pelican) for this blog. Sadly, there are maaaanyyyy of them for blogs and text-based publications but for gallery there very few static generators. Finally I found sigal which is maintained, written in python, quite nice and very straight forward to use.

Here's the result: https://pics.chown.me/ (with among other themes, as of now, 229 pics of my delicious kitten Jean Canard).

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