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In June this blog will be five years old. Since I created it, it has had the same design. A few weeks ago I looked for a new theme. I found pelican-blue which I liked. For my first theme, I took it from someone and shortly after someone took it from me. This time I wanted something more unique.

I took pelican-blue and hammered the CSS so people would notice I love the color red. At home, my sheets are red, my bath towel is red, my couch is red, my curtains are red. Even the ribbon Jean Canard plays with is red.

I noticed a couple of things that were broken with the theme so I had to fix them. Now I have to go back to my commit log to tell the original author as a way to contribute back.

At first, my blog URL was Then I wanted https but I couldn't have another domain because back then free (and valid—hi cacert) certificates weren't a thing, I moved it to To welcome stalk^Wvisitors I had a landing page on Now, however, I changed my mind and I prefer to have my blog index page directly on

I wanted to break as few links as possible—ain't nobody got time to write the otherwise needed haproxy redirection. I think I tweaked enough of my pelican config file so that most of them are fine. Not all of them are; I had to break one or two because of translations. Fortunately, I was lazy enough to translate only a handful of articles so the breakage is minimal.

To fix some past mistakes I had to go through old articles. It was a weird feeling to read my younger self. I wouldn't advise to read them haha. They're in French anyway.

One of my 2018 New Year's resolution was to write more blog articles. With not a single one for the first quarter, you can guess it's not my best accomplishment. But hopefully, I'll finally do it.

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