Stop losing interesting links


When I was younger, I had a very good memory. When I read something interesting, I would remember what was I reading and where was I reading it (some blog, some newspaper etc). But as time passes, I have more and more difficulties to remember where I read things (and it makes me sad :().

Twitter and fav/likes

I spend a lot of time on twitter (at least too much for a closed platforms). I find a lot of good reads there and as I don't always have time to read them at the moment, I just like the tweet and when I have time, I go to my liked tweets and depending on my mood I read such and such articles.

And once I read it, I usually unlike the tweet so I don't have thousands likes that I've already read. But I'd better remember where I read it because I won't really be able to find it again (at least at will) and that sucks.


Here comes shaarli. I won't describe everything it does (you can read the page) but basically you put a link, give a title and a description and done (and you can tag them).

So now whenever I read interesting things, I put them there and if I need to read it again, I know where to find it.

Of course, the goal is to share my valuable reading so you can access it. Right now there are not many links but I'll keep adding then gradually.

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